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LEEP is a unique 16-week pre-employment training program for refugee youth from war-affected countries.

The Program offers an exploration of education and employment options and the opportunity to gain work experience.

The 6-week paid pre-employment training (in person or online via ZOOM) assists the participants in strengthening and developing employment skills that will help them find job opportunities in the workforce and understand the culture of work in Canada. The program provides insight into Canadian culture, health, job skills, safety, self-awareness, and communication skills. Participants are encouraged to express themselves, self-reflect, dream, and explore future goals. We guide and assist participants in developing the necessary skills, self-esteem, and confidence to function in Canadian society and access education and employment.

In the final 10 weeks, participants spend 300 hours in a Work Experience placement that matches their skill level, experience and employment goals. The placement further serves to boost their self-esteem and confidence in a workplace setting while providing experiential learning.  Every attempt is made for the placement to result in long-term employment.

How do EMPLOYERS benefit from working with LEEP?


  • Save valuable time. LEEP screens potential participants to ensure they are the right fit for your company.


  • Save Money. LEEP reimburses the participant's wages with the vacation pay, employer’s portion of CPP, EI and WCB contribution for the first 300 hours of Work placement.


  • Ongoing Staff Support. LEEP staff will assist with the participant’s transition into the workforce.


  • Opportunity to obtain an experienced employee.  Upon completing the program, participants will be well trained and experienced with your company.


  • Give back to the community. By partnering with LEEP, you are giving someone an opportunity that may not otherwise have it, encouraging workplace diversity and contributing to building a healthy community.


We are committed to creating long-term partnerships with employers.

As our participants have a wide range of experience, skill levels and employment goals, we are open to all opportunities!

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