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LEEP is a unique pre-employment training program for refugee youth from war-affected countries.

The Program offers an exploration of education and employment options and the opportunity to gain work experience.

Our 6-week pre-employment training offered both in-person and online via Zoom, is designed to strengthen and develop employment skills essential for success in the Canadian workforce. This comprehensive training covers Canadian culture, health, job skills, safety, self-awareness, and communication skills. It provides a supportive environment where participants are encouraged to express themselves, engage in self-reflection, pursue dreams, and explore future goals.


Throughout the course, participants receive personalized, one-on-one career coaching, helping them build the necessary skills, self-esteem, and confidence to function effectively in Canadian society. This coaching focuses on aligning each participant’s specific skills, experience, and career goals with potential job opportunities.


Benefits to Employers Partnering with LEEP:

  • Tailored Recruitment: Through our meticulous screening and personalized coaching, LEEP ensures that candidates are not only well-prepared but also perfectly matched to the specific needs of your company, enhancing both efficiency and fit.

  • Smooth Integration: Our ongoing support facilitates a seamless transition for participants into your workforce, ensuring that they are ready and able to contribute from day one.

  • Dedicated Workforce: Participants who complete our program are fully trained and have developed a clear understanding of your company’s culture and expectations, making them well-prepared to be committed, long-term employees.

  • Community Impact: By partnering with LEEP, your company extends opportunities to individuals who might otherwise face barriers to employment, promoting diversity in the workplace and contributing positively to community development.


Partnering with LEEP not only helps build a capable and motivated workforce but also demonstrates your commitment to social responsibility and community development.


We are committed to creating long-term partnerships with employers.

As our participants have a wide range of experience, skill levels and employment goals, we are open to all opportunities!

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